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“How to Create Your Money Breakthrough Miracle,

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Effortlessly Clean Up Unconscious ‘Money Junk’

Finally Free Yourself From Debt, Under-earning and Other Financial Self-sabotage…

All This & More is Possible for You in “The Money Breakthrough Miracle Program



Are You A Purpose Driven Woman?

This letter is written especially for you if you:

  • Have a big vision or yearning in your heart, that you’re not yet fulfilling
  • Have a desire to serve and help more people
  • Know that your lack of confidence and self worth are holding you back and keeping you small
  • Under earn, even though you know you’re worth so much more
  • Frequently find yourself short of money, despite trying to make more
  • Want to achieve a new level of success in your business or career, but something always seems to be preventing you from making significant progress towards your goals
  • Wish someone would hand you a debt payoff plan that feels liberating
  • Are ready to transform your deepest fears regarding money into enlightened, empowered and joyful action
  • Want to create the wealth for you and your family that you’ve always desired
  • Are fed up with money blame, shame or guilt and are more than ready to heal your relationship with money, once and for all
  • Want heart-centred teaching and coaching to help you make these life-changing, important breakthroughs
  • Now more than ever people are motivated to clean up their money junk, heal old money wounds and get on the right “money track” so they make more… and keep more of what they make

Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom, a start-up business owner, an entrepreneur or a corporate employee, you can break free of unconscious self-sabotaging money habits, gain control of your relationship with money and discover how easy it can be to make more… and keep more of what you make.



“The Money Breakthrough Miracle” Coaching Program

In this program I will reveal my money breakthrough secrets , where I’ll personally coach YOU on exactly how to stop crippling money self-sabotage and create life changing money breakthroughs, giving you an exciting new relationship with money — without spending hundreds of hours trying to figure it out on your own.

Why am I so confident that I can coach you to create a money breakthrough? Because I used to be where you are now, I used this very system to transform my relationship with money and today I have more financial independence and freedom than I ever imagined.

But first, let me share with you how this all started…

For many years, my money story had always been very “up-and-down” before I worked the Money Breakthrough Method. From the time I turned 16 and got my very first job, I immediately developed a pattern of spending everything I earned, I loved buying clothes (still do!) and didn’t really think much about my future at that point, it was live for the now.

Of course, a few years later, I realised that If I wanted my own home, I needed a deposit, and so I learnt the value of saving. Now my Dad had his own Business and always worked really hard, so it was instilled in me to work hard to earn money and of course in the early years I rebelled, but having my own home was important to me and so I followed the notion of working hard for money.  Money wasn’t majorly important to me and so I married a guy who worked hard like my father and had little to show for it. His money was taken up with child alimony and we had very little money for luxuries. Indeed in the early days, we couldn’t get a mortgage and rented for a few years. At one point I had 3 jobs!


My Big Money Blunder !

I had this wonderful idea to run a retreat centre, and the universe presented a wonderful opportunity for me when I rented this 18th Century Farmhouse, it was supposed to be a long term let, and so I began spending on furnishing the house with bunk beds, and all kinds of things to set up my centre. As luck would have it, I met my dream man, and so was unpacking boxes and running back and forward every other weekend on a 2 hour drive to be with him. I was happy, in love and my life was a whirlwind of activity in between seeing clients, settling into the house and travelling to see the love of my life. I loved the farmhouse, and enjoyed playing lady of the manor. I was definitely born for this! I loved the roaring log fires, (I had three fireplaces downstairs and the beautiful gardens, were so lovely to relax in, but of course far too big for me to manage and I ended up paying my ex husband to cut the lawns for me!

 Unfortunately  upon returning from a lovely holiday I discovered that my landlord decided needed to move back in again, leaving me just 6 weeks to find somewhere else to live!

I decided to buy another home. Imagine my shock when I realised that my lack of attention to detail meant that I had a default notice for 5k for a credit card payment that I switched to a 0% interest card. I always paid all my bills via direct debit and had failed to realise that the direct debit hadn’t been set up, thus no payments were ever made, I moved and received no communication from the company, I had no idea until I came to get a mortgage that 2 months earlier they had registered a default for non payment. Meanwhile my savings were sat in the bank and I was unable to get a mortgage and buy another home. It was simply my oversight that had created this money drama. Of course I was able to pay off the debt with my savings and explain the situation but nevertheless the records remained in place and made it impossbile for me to buy my own home.  Luckily life gave me the perfect solution and I moved in with my beloved.

Here’s The Thing!

What I have learnt now is that I needed to create a healthier relationship with money. Once I started paying attention to Money, I created new healthy money habits – it was just as much about the mindset and emotions that ran my financial life, and the truth was, they were not in a good place at all!

I spent the next few years investing in my business, working with high level business mentors, increasing my income, yet still I struggled with fear around my savings, and never forgave myself for messing up my mortgage prospects.

I realised that I had an inner driver around money that was STILL keeping me fearful and in feast or famine.

The Money Breakthrough Method was taught to me by my business mentor, Kendall SummerHawk. She had spent decades figuring this stuff out and “divinely downloaded” the System as a result of her own financial history and her desire to go deeper with the money journey (just like I do around connecting with spirit, purpose and passions). What she taught to me has completely changed my life from within and without, which is why I trained to become a Money Breakthrough Method Coach, and I am delighted to be offering this programme worldwide.


  • I have gone from not having a clue what’s going on with my money to knowing exactly what’s going on with it – i.e. what’s coming in and going out every day, to the penny.
  • I know where my weak spots are (or could be) around money and know how to stop myself from falling foul of them.
  • I now have a savings and investment plan in place and I have systems in place to make that happen and know what the money is for.
  • I now have an emergency fund so I no longer have to live in fear of what would happen if something unforeseen happenened and adversely affected my personal or business money.
  • I am debt free, Mortgage Free
  • I cleared my money clutter and through doing one simple action that took me just 10 minutes, I prevented myself from wasting £120 per month (approx. $200).
  • I now have a new “Bold Money Goal” for earning more than I’ve ever done before I have created a new, healthy and supportive money legacy to pass on to my family and chosen charities
  • I’ve learnt how to create and “allow” myself five figure months (and now teach others how to do the same)
  • I have a thriving and prosperous buinsess allowing me to earn more and work less while focusing on loving what I do (andI  teach and share the business models and strategies as well as the inner transformational work necessary to help people like you do the same)
  • I have cleaned up all of my money affairs, clearing my life and bank account of  money clutter, and now have simple systems and tools in place to ensure that I maintain my healthy money habits.


I now have a plan for my life and my finances that are in alignment with my personal circumstances and values, allowing me to create what I want for myself and my family I  I am no longer a victim to my own bad habits, behaviours and beliefs around money that didn’t just hold me back personally (bad enough), but also kept me from fulfilling my mission in the world.  I’m excited to see what’s now possible and this is just the start!

All in all, after 30+ years of really not having a clue about what I was doing with money, I am finally in my power around money, and am creating a secure financial future. You see as a Spiritual Entrepreneur I wasn’t really attached to money, but interestingly the more I have focused on creating abundance, the more I have been able to truly live my purpose and help others move through their own money breakthroughs and that feels incredible!

I have learned that How You Do Money is How You Do Everything

Being Spiritual Means Living Abundantly

If we are serious about living a quality life, of living our purpose, of enjoying life and being a good role model for our friends, colleagues and family, and for creating and/or leaving a legacy of any kind, then we absolutely must develop a healthy and respectful relationship and make friends with money so that we can create the reality that will enable all of those things, and more.

There simply is no other way to create your money breakthrough and make this happen – it’s not going to “magically” happen all by itself. You have to take back control and decide right now to stand in your power with money.


So what IS the Money Breakthrough Method?

Here’s just a sampling of the modules I’ll personally coach you through in this exclusive program…

The Money Breakthrough Method

The Method is a series of  simple questions I will walk you through that will quickly and magically transform any money issue, drama or situation into clarity, forgiveness and empowerment. This powerful model is elegant, authentic and you’re not going to believe how much freedom and confidence you experience as a result of my coaching you through it.

Your Money Breakthrough Type

Did you know there are five Money Types? Each Money Type is beautifully illustrated, gorgeously printed and clearly explained on an 8.5 x 11 full-colour card. Your Money Type card demystifies what your personal money motivation is so you can stop caving in to money drama or disempowermen t and instead, give yourself permission to quickly break through to your next level of income, no matter where you’re starting from. Each Money Type card is loaded with tips, helping you instantly recognize which one applies to you and most importantly, what to do with that knowledge.


5-Step Money Breakthrough Modules

Everyone has money issues, drama, fears, stories, beliefs and habits they either “inherited” from family or unconsciously adopted due to earlier experiences. What’s key is to realize that you’re not stuck with these forever!

In these powerful modules I’ll coach you each step of the way to create new, empowering money habits that magically transform your relationship with money, increase your self-worth, improve your relationships with loved ones, start a new business or grow an existing business, earn more in your career…and more!


The Five Core Money Breakthrough Method Modules Are:


Module #1: Healing Your Family’s Money Legacy

Module #2: Forgiving Debt and Other Guilty Money Issues From Your Past

Module #3: Creating Accountability and Action

Module #4: Claim Your Money Power

Module #5: Revealing Your Sacred Relationship with Money


Here’s What My Clients Are Saying








“Kim is a delight to work with, she soon got to work on sorting out the mess in my head.  After starting off with HUGE problems about accepting money I actually increased my prices by 30% the next day.  I felt confident doing this and that must have come across as the new client just accepted the price and wrote the cheque!  Since that appointment I haven’t had any more issues with self-worth and charging and in fact am confident to launch my first VIP Day ”

Kate Cave (VIP Client)







“My Money Breakthrough sessions with Kim are amazing ~ her help is invaluable and thanks to her I am now headed for the  best year ever!  She takes me into the deepest and most powerful mindset that is so very empowering and this enables me to access so much more of myself to fast track my goals and dreams to reality ~ with Kim’s guidance I am removing limiting money beliefs and behaviour that have been keeping me from realizing my business success and I’m now headed towards a 6 figure income.”

 Dawn Houghton (Platinum Client) 

Discover How You Can

Create Your Money Breakthrough Miracle

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